Please find below some useful blogs on higher education that I would recommend. If you have any that you would suggest adding to the link please just drop me a comment

Higher Education  Blog discussing the implications (and applications) of  technology on the ‘student experience’

E-learning blog concetrating on Powerpoint and Articulate tips and pointers

Blackboard Blogs: Learn more about using the interactive assignment and project system Blackboard.

The Wired Campus: A look at how technology is improving the experience in higher education.

eduStyle: Looks at how different campuses are doing in terms of integrating technology. Offers helpful insights aimed at helping educators improve their technological savvy.

Teaching College Math: Learn about how technology can aid in learning math concepts at the university level.

The UK Higher Education Blog: Microsoft offers a look at how technology is used in British higher education – a communal blog with a broad & open-minded take on the subject of library & information management

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