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Novel ways to present images and video in a powerpoint presentation

I am constantly looking or new ways to “jazz up” my presentations and recently I cam across two methods that i found quite nice; using an iphone image to encase your videos and creating a photocube effect for presenting images. The Youtube clip below ilustrates how to implement these two ideas


Screencasting and assessment

Prezi Logo

Prezi Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Screencasts have multi applications when it comes to assessment.

Students can record a particular task captured on their computer and present it as their assignment. They may also prepare a presentation (e.g. through Prezi or MS powerpoint) or a poster / mindmap and use the the screencasting tool to provide narration supporting the presentation or poster.

Lecturers can provide assessment tips or guidance through a screencast in advance of the assessment. Furtermore lecturers can also provide feedback to thier students