Moodle 2 “how to ….” tutorial guides for teachers

Getting started

This section covers topics for people brand new to Moodle; How do I log in? how do I find my courses? What is on my Moodle home page?


Course Administration

This section covers topics like: How do I change the name of my course?, How do I change the way my course is displayed?

How do I add labels on my Moodle course page to divide topics into smaller sections? and many more on these lines


How can I use Moodle to manage my assignments with my students?

Moodle can be an amazing asset for teachers when it comes to managing students assignments, both from a quality assurance point of view and just making life easier for the teacher. This is the biggest section in this blog for Moodle with plenty of hints and tips for teachers.


Managing your files and teaching resources and sharing them through Moodle

This section covers topics like: how do I share my files with my students? how do I make only some of my material available and release the other material over time?


What is meant by Moodle “Groups” and how can I use them to my advantage

Moodle groups is a very powerful feature associated with Moodle once you know how to use it. This section provides a range of examples on how to use groups with your classes




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