It only takes one person to make a difference

It only takes one person to make a difference, others will follow your example but somebody must lead the way. Several weeks ago I was at an excellent event Digital Ireland – sponsored by the Silcon Republic. The two keynote speakers left a lasting impression on me for different reasons.
Bill Liao and David Putnam. As part of Bills talk he showed a home video illustrating how one person can inspire others to follow. This thought struck chord with me and reminded me of this video.

Watch the lady in blue – starting by herself she trys something simple, nothing too complicated and repeats the process over and over. Before she knows it people around her start copying her and before long the entire crowd are doing what this one lady started. Use this analogy to teachers using technology in the classroom. It is amazing the difference one person can make. This orchestrated event involved a serious amount of preparation but the final product was well worth it – just like your classes enhanced with technology.


About Mark Glynn

Head of Teaching Enhancement Unit, Dublin City University

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