Podcasting – some useful resources

why podcasts can be useful in teaching, what tools can be used to make them, and how they can incorporate them into their Google Sites. The links below includes a video, downloadable notes, and some useful resources for additional information all orientated around podcasting.

DIT project on podcasting          “dummies guide” to creating a podcast       Basics of Audacity

Importing a sound file and Editing with Audacity              Audacity wiki


How to Create Podcasts for Education (Copublished With the Society F)

 A taxonomy of podcasts and its application to higher education

Podcasting for Learning in Universities

Journal Articles

Maria Spie (2011)
Engaging the online learner: Student reactions to the use of audio podcasts in off campus course link

Charles Juwah, Debra Macfarlane-Dick, Bob Matthew, David Nicol, David Ross and Brenda Smith (2010) Enhancing student learning througheffective formative feedback link

Nie et al (2010) The role of podcasting in effective curriculum renewal link

Walls S M et al (2010) Podcasting in education: Are students as ready and eager as we think they are? link

Seery, M. (2009) Podcasting and screencasting for supporting lectures link

McKinney D et al (2009) iTunes University and the classroom: Can podcasts replace Professors? link

Griffin D K et al (2009) Podcasting by synchronising PowerPoint and voice: What are the pedagogical benefits?  link


CIT reoprt on podcasting link

REAP project Strathclyde Business School link

JISC short briefing on Creative Commons Licences link

Newton J and Middleton A (2009) Podcasting for Pedagogic Purposes: The Journey So Far and Some Lessons Learnedlink

other useful links can be found on my “diigo” site below



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