Articulate presenter

Articulate Presenter ’09 makes it easy for anyone to add interactivity and narration to PowerPoint slides.

Just click a button to turn your presentation into a compelling Flash course.
Create Flash content with ease

Click here for the main features of presenter 09

How to … guide

This section gives short video clip instructions on how to compelte various taks using Articulate

Getting Started

How do I add a movie to my presentation

How do I record narration and symchronise my animations within my presentation

How to upload a presenter file to moodle

How to combine Quiz Properties, hidden slides and branching options in course development. #articulate

More advanced features

Here’s how to embed Google Maps into your #Articulate presentation via web objects

How to embed video as a web object into an Articulate presentation

Using Articulate Web Objects to provide slide-level attachments or resources

How to insert a flash video

How to simulate multiple videos on a single slide in Presenter ’09

How to insert an Articulate Presenter slide into an Engage Tabs interaction

how to upload an articulate file as a scorm object so it can be tracked by blackboard


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