Creating on-line quizzes for your e-learning courses – Articulate Quizmaker

Quizmaker ’09 has a range of easy to use features. These inlude:

  • Quickly group and randomize question pools—without separating questions that should appear together
  • Include images, Flash, and audio—even create a scenario that develops over several screens
  • Branch quiz takers to different slides depending on how they answer each question
  • Animate objects and adjust their timing on the click-and-drag timeline
  • Choose from a wide selection of professionally designed themes or create your own
  • Give your quiz takers specific results and feedback based on their scores
  • Get quiz results through e-mail, your LMS

Click on the word overview for short video highlighting the main features of Quizmaker  09 and on the word question to see the type of questions available to you through Quizmaker

Here is one I prepared earlier

Please click on the web links below to view sample demos on the various features incorporated into Articulate

“Think Like a Manager”  is a sample of a type of MCQs that can be created using videos and specific feedback,

The Dinosaur Quiz is another example of an MCQ but this example includes external links and sound synchronisation with timed animations

This is an example of Surveys that can be constructed. This survey includes drag and drop questions, ranking and multiple answer questions as well as blank text boxes for the participants to provide “free text”. All of these type of quesitons can also be used in quizzes as well


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