Social Bookmarking for Librarians

Social Bookmarking for Librarians

Enhancing the learner experience, using librarian facilities even when they are not open, is a goal of every college library

As a librarian you come across a wide array of websites practically on daily basis that would be useful for you  – some of which would be also useful for your students. Sticking them up on your VLE to share with your students can be a laborious and time consuming task.  Furthermore an endless list of websites can and will block up your VLE course making your course page unwieldy. Social bookmarking can make this task a little easier. Consider the follow example

Set up a social bookmarking account with Diigo – refer back to this previous post if you need help setting up an account

For the purpose of this example we use the fictionally account name of “collegelibrary” . Through this account the weblinks you now share with you students will be constantly up-to-date, easy to staff to display and easy for the students remember. The key to this is the facility to “tag” websites with labels to help you remember each of the sites will display all of the websites that you have bookmarked yourself e.g. for example if you had bookmarked 1000 websites, by typing in the above url students will be able to access these 1000 bookmarks

If you tagged a site with “first years” “second years” and “Chemistry” the student will be able to add any (or all) of those tags to the url to filter the search. This is best explained in the video below.


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