Ideal for the classroom – How to create Youtube Playlists

A playlist is a list of videos that you organise . This is perfect if you want to watch a series of videos back to back.

You then can share this list by capturing the url of the playlist or embed the video playlist on your website. The other cool feature about this is the fact that if for example you insert a url link on your learning management system for your students to access. You only have to share one weblink, not a separate link for every video. Furthermore, the url that you have distributed to your student is automatically updated if you come back a day, a week or even years later and add new videos to the original playlist.

To set up a playlist is very straight forward

  • Log into Youtube
  • Find your video of interest
  • Click on the “add to” button under the video
  • Click on “create new playlist” to start a new playlist of click on the name of an existing playlist that you have previsouly created
  • To access the url for your playlist, click on your youtube username (normally top right corner of the screen
  • Click on video manager (top right hand corner of screen)
  • Click on playlists (left hand side of screen)
  • Click on your play list of choice
  • Copy the url

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