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There are  literally 1000’s of groups that you can subscribe to within LinkedIn. The group facility within LinkedIn to the power behind the network. Having access to an unlimited number of people who are interested in specific areas that you are interested in. Wether you want to get advice from other participants, answer questions they may have posted on the forums or just advertise an event that may be relevant – LinkedIn groups is a powerful tool. I subscribe to several groups that you may find interesting. In no particular order of preference:

HETL Technology in Teaching and Learning

This subgroup’s aim is to discuss and share information about the unique issues concerning the use of technology, in all its forms, in teaching and learning in higher education across all academic disciplines, functions, and levels. This group focuses on the entire continuum of technology used in teaching and learning, i.e., the multifaceted teaching-learning process that results in the generation of new knowledge and skills, from:

1) technology enhanced (Web technologies as well as non Web technologies like smart-boards, multimedia, etc) where the use of technology is used to aid teaching and learning within a traditional, face-to-face (F2F), on-the-ground classroom setting and where technology is also used outside the classroom to supplement the classroom experience, to

2) hybrid (Web substituted) teaching and learning where direct, F2F classroom time is partially substituted (i.e., total F2F time is reduced but not eliminated) with online teaching and learning so that interaction between teacher and student is maintained, to

3) pure online (Web dependent) teaching and learning where direct, F2F classroom time and activities are completely substituted with a “virtual” school and classroom environment. 

Irish Learning and Technology Association

The Aims of ILTA

1. To support a community, interested in enhancing learning with technology, across corporate, formal and informal learning sectors.
2. To encourage collaboration between members and foster engagement between ILTA members and the wider community.
3. To raise the profile of research and the dissemination of best practice in enhancing learning with technology across Ireland.
4. To represent ILTA members nationally and internationally.
5. To establish a framework for continuous professional development that will increase the skills and knowledge of the ILTA community.

Moodlers Online

Professionals engaged in the practice of delivering learning on the Moodle open source, course management system.

This group is for teachers, system administrators, coders and anyone else looking to share your Moodle related knowledge.

Moodle users

This group is to connect Moodle users worldwide with each other

Guardian Higher Education Network

The aim of the Guardian Higher Education Network is to be an online space where higher education professionals can talk to one other, get advice and insight from peers and industry experts and grapple with the challenges that face the whole sector.

So, whether you are a manager, academic, private provider or a business looking to partner or engage with a university, the network will be a place to talk about your work, aims and experiences in the world of higher education.

Sloan consortium

The  Sloan-C encourages the collaborative sharing of knowledge and effective practices to improve online education in learning effectiveness, access, affordability for learners and providers, and student and faculty satisfaction


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