Accessing Youtube videos as a teacher

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Several teachers have asked me numerous times how can I take advantage of Youtube. Here are some examples

As a teacher I would recommend having your safety search activated on your browser to reduce the chance of any objectionable videos appearing on your screen. Although not 100% guaranteed “ever little bit helps” as the saying goes. The video below illustrates how to activate this safety setting

If you are still a little nervous about using YouTube in the classroom (as you are never guaranteed what other videos will appear in the sidebar).  you can remove all other videos from your screen by cleaning up your screen using a third party service outside youtube

If you school has blocked YouTube in your classroom you can download videos in advance by using websites like just remember to be vigilant with regards to copyright – not everybody puts their videos up on YouTube under a creative commons licence.

Another site I found useful for youtube was Splicd. This site allows you to just show a certain segment of a Youtube video. For example the video may be 15 minutes long but you only want to show your students a video from 2 minutes until 4 minutes.

The best use that I got from youtube was when I asked the students to do the work – this post explain how I set surfing YouTube as an assignment for my students

This post just deals with videos that already exist on YouTube. If you want to post some videos of your on YouTube  – have a look at my post on screencasting


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