Getting Google calendar working for you

Image representing Google Calendar as depicted...

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The interface of Google Calendar is similar to desktop calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook. Events are stored online; consequently, the calendar can be viewed from any location that has Internet access. The video below gives you an introduction to Google calendar, following by links to some of the more advance features available through Google calendar

The application can import Microsoft Outlook calendar files (.csv) and iCalendar files (.ics, the de facto open calendaring file format). Multiple calendars can be added and shared, allowing various levels of permissions for the users. This enables collaboration and sharing of schedules amongst groups. From a teachers point of view you can create a calendar for each class year and sharing the calendar with your colleagues will allow you to coordinate assessment dates for your students with your colleagues. Alternatively shared calendars can be used to easily organise convenience times to run some CPD for teachers. The links below are to instructional videos available on Youtube.


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