Moodle and schools

Not every school is blessed with ICT technical support but to me this just highlights an excellent opportunity for cooperation between second and third level. One area of cooperation that costs noting but time, is support schools to set up a LMS of their own. Simply by providing support to local schools in the early stages, institutes of technology would reap the benefits in the long term.

Why not contact your local Institute of technology and ask them to help you set up an instance of moodle. Go through the school liaison officers, try sell the idea as a promotion opportunity. Institutes won’t be able to take on every school but already Dundalk, Tallaght and Waterford have seen the value of such a venture. between them they offer Moodle to over 40 local schools. If you are interested in finding out more about benefits associated with this idea and how you could get involved, either as a school or a college please leave comments below.


About Mark Glynn

Head of Teaching Enhancement Unit, Dublin City University

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