Prezi – the alternative to powerpoint, an ideal tool for group work for students

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Prezi Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a go at Prezi today – It takes a little getting used to but it is a nice alternative to powerpoint. Just like powerpoint you can spend more time messing about with the various settings changing the way things look on your presentation. So take my advice and remember that your target is to get the information across, not have it flash across the screen in bright colours and flashing lights.

Have a look at this prezi video to get yourself started

One major advantage is that it seems an ideal way to prepare a presentation that can be edited by a group in “real time”.  A presentation can be edited by several people simultaneously. Therefore the opportunity for your students to collaborate on a group presentation is very realistic. Furthermore, students could prepare solutions to questions set by you, each student making their own contributions with the final product available for the entire class to see. Really the possible uses are only limited by your imagination. Please feel free to share your suggestions for using prezi below or even better sharing a link to “one you prepared earlier”.

Here are a few to get you started


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