Moodle Course Design Best Practices

I have just had the pleasure of reviewing the book Moodle Course Design Best Practices by  Susan Smith Nash (@elearningqueen) and Michelle Moore (@michelledmoore) . The book is an easy read and flows very well. The authors have a nice blend of teaching tips combined with technical know how. Broken down over 8 chapters the book starts with an introduction to good teaching design, leaving the technology aside. This in my opinion is what distinguishes it from the majority of books that I have read on Moodle. You can instantly tell that the authors have a pedagogical background and that remains evident throughout the entire book. To that end I would recommend this textbook to anybody that is relatively new to both teaching and new to Moodle. For the more experienced teacher you will still get  a benefit from this book but the first  few chapters will just be revision that you will likely skip over. The structure of the book lends itself very nicely to picking up and dropping down. What I mean is that you don’t have to read it from cover to cover. You can pick it and look at chapters specifically relevant to you at that moment in time – another appealing factor for me. I won’t go through the layout chapter by chapter as you can get that sort of information on Amazon but the meat of this book that will have the widest audience is Chapters 4- 8 with the last four chapters in particular breaking down the content into different types of courses, best practice for self paced independent study, cohort based course, student centred courses and communities of practice. Despite being a self confessed Moodle evangelist (as well as other learning technologies) I still always promote leading with pedagogy first then technology – a trait that is evident throughout this book. So if you have a spare €20 pop over to Amazon and get yourself this bargain.


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