Moodle Moot 2012

Where do I start? As one of the organisers of the conference and it being my first moodle moot, I must admit I was a little nervous, wondering would everything go well.
• Is three days too long?
• Will people be able to take that long out of their busy schedules?
• Is the fee too much?
• Is Dublin the right venue?
• What is the right format?
• Will we break even or will this end costing me (and if so where will I get this money from)?

I have organised several conferences before and these concerns although perfectly normal were only the tip of the iceberg relevant to the thoughts rushing my head leading up to the conference. Well it is reaching 48 hours since we officially closed the conference and I can confidently say the conference was a great success. Roll on 2013.

I went into the conference as passionate advocate for moodle, however I quickly realised that I was only an amateur when compared to the passion exhibited by other participants. The passion and enthusiasm emerging from each of the conference strands was overwhelming, matched only by the willingness of everybody to help their fellow participants achieve everybody’s ultimate goal – improve the learning experience for students.

My head is buzzing with ideas following the conference. If you follow the twitter hastag #mootieuk12 you will realise that it I am not alone. Over the next few days I will add posts on some of the amazing presentations that I was privileged to see. Hopefully these posts will give you a glimpse of what I experienced and encourage you to take time out of your schedule next year to attend Moodlemoot 2013!


About Mark Glynn

Head of Teaching Enhancement Unit, Dublin City University

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